Futureproof Your Business With Round-The-Clock Threat Detection

A swift and effective response to any cyber threat requires a team of experienced security experts and best-in-class security technologies. Does this mean that all businesses must spend time or resources building a state-of-the-art security operations centre? No, that doesn’t sound smart.

IFF Lab offers Security Operation Center-as-a-Service (SOCaaS) as a simpler, more affordable solution to focus on your core business areas instead of worrying about hiring and training cybersecurity experts. We can support you in eliminating current threats and preventing future incidents by ensuring that your business is protected.

Asset Discovery

Leave no stone unturned in your enterprise security by getting a thorough analysis of the various assets in your network and enjoying complete visibility and control over all your endpoint devices, servers, software, and third-party services.

Preventative Maintenance

Close the door on cyber threats before they even have a chance to knock with our preventive maintenance services that help you patch vulnerabilities, secure applications, and regularly update existing systems and firewall policies.

Proactive Monitoring

Stay ahead of the problems with our proactive monitoring. Our SOC experts and applications continuously scan the network to detect and report any anomalies or suspicious activities that could harm your enterprise security.

Log Management

Keep a close eye on what’s happening in your business through our log management feature, which collects, maintains, and reviews all your enterprise network activity and communications for complete visibility.

Alert Ranking and Management

Tackling problems at the right time with our alert ranking and management feature. Our experts carefully analyze all alerts and determine which threat needs to be addressed immediately and which are just false positives.

Incident Response

Get a lightning-fast response to any threats targeting your business. Our SOC service acts as a first responder by isolating endpoints and terminating harmful processes before they can cause widespread damage.

Root Cause Investigation

Always get the complete picture of any incident after it occurs. Our experts dissect the whole incident to help you understand how and why it occurred and how you can prevent similar problems from recurring in the future.

Security optimization

Keep your enterprise security one step ahead of attacks with our continuous security optimization that employs the latest security tools, best practices, and tactics.

Data Mobility

Access and share data from anywhere, anytime with our secure data mobility. We ensure that your data stays safe and accessible on all your connected endpoint devices, servers, and applications to ensure smooth and uninterrupted operations.

Compliance Management

Leave no loose ends by ensuring your business follows all the established best practices and complies with all regulatory requirements. Our experts follow all the latest regulations and best practices while managing your cybersecurity needs.