Need for examination management

Need For Examination Management

The growing needs of delivering the best possible academic facilities to students has resulted in making the secure exam services more complicated. That, coupled with the proliferating number of educational institutions and hence examinations, has augmented the complexity of conducting and managing such examination processes. Universities are now moving towards adopting a more dynamic, secure and authentic process for their examination services. IFF Lab provides various customized solutions and services for catering to the examination needs of large educational establishments.

Simplifying and securing examination services

Our range of examination services provide the necessary support to educational institutions for effective delivery of examinations and enable them to achieve their objectives by executing operations as per prescribed guidelines and standards. We also provide support in increasing the efficacy of the existing examination processes by incorporating secured and latest technological interventions.

Our Core Services

Online Registration

Online Registration

Our application services for online registration enables candidates to register and apply for examination online. The online filling up of forms facilitates input of personal details, qualifications, exam medium, and exam center selection among a host of other facilities. It is integrated with SMS and payments gateways to aid in seamless payment, and provision of regular updates to students.

Online Examination in India

Online Examination

We provide examination solutions to alleviate the otherwise manually executed cumbersome tasks of paperwork, verification of students’ data, maintenance of records, evaluation of test papers, and preparation of reports. We deliver online examination solutions to leading educational boards, government bodies, and universities.

Offline Examination in India

Offline Examination

We provide secure and end-to-end management of offline examinations to leading educational institutions and boards. Our offering of offline examination services encompasses registration, test center allocation, question paper printing and packaging, OMR sheet printing and scanning, result processing, customized MIS dashboards, and call center support.

Our Allied Services

CoE Automation in India

CoE Automation

Our proprietary Controller of Examination (CoE) solution offers examination application and workflow management, hall ticket printing and distributed assessment management, distributed authoring and electronic question paper delivery, online examination and invigilator management, transcripts and payment management, result publication and transcript authentication system, and complaint management.


Digitization Services in India

Digitization Services

With the dearth of storage spaces, and a boom in the ingress of students into educational institutions every passing year, a shift from the conventional methods of pen and paper to the management of records electronically has become inevitable and the need of the hour. Our digitization solutions for educational institutions facilitates faster access and retrieval of examination records, while also enabling digitization of content from a diverse array of sources.

Transcripts Security in India

Transcripts Security

Our secured transcripts solutions aim to protect educational institutions from the infamy caused by fake certificates and counterfeited documents. Our team of forensic experts closely monitor the entire path of a transcript from origin to destination. We leverage a number of techniques such as incorporation of military grade encryption, and design and development of tamper-proof papers.

Fake Document - Assessment Services in India

Assessment Services

Our repertoire of skills and experience of working with leading educational boards and institutions enables us to provide consulting, test content, delivery and reporting services. We offer an in-built comprehensive suite that comprises of built-in tool for question authoring, scheduler and exam management, sturdy workflow approval, and evaluation and result publishing functions.