Incognito Forensic Foundation’s Retailio Vision is a cutting-edge, ready-to-deploy retail analytics solution that can offer unprecedented insights into the retail sector’s operations. It uses artificial intelligence to detect customer patterns and reveal important, actionable insights into the performance of one or a group of retail outlets.

Features of Retailio Vision

Footfall Analysis

The solution automatically counts the number of people who enter a store.

Gender Analysis

Accurate information about the number of men and women who enter a store.

Multiple IP Camera Processing

Retailio Vision can process feeds from multiple cameras per server with excellent speed.

Age Analysis

Retailio Vision’s offers meaningful insights into the age groups of customers who enter a retail outlet.

Emotion Quotient Score:

This module assesses the feedbacks of customers to offer a glimpse into how customers feel, thereby enabling better marketing and retail strategies.

People Tracking:

By counting the number of people in malls, companies can glean individual store performance, and advanced behaviour analytics to maximize conversions and sales.

Smart Report:

The Retailio Vision solution enables users to generate and send reports with ease, in addition to schedule email reports as per convenience.

Dwell Time Estimation:

Dwell time analytics reveals how time customers spend in which sections of a store, shedding light on their interests and attitude towards products.

Duration Analysis:

Hourly analysis on a daily basis reveals patterns about customer behaviour that enables efficient management of the workforce & product stocking.