What constitutes an incidence?

Any condition, situation, or event that occurs in a workplace that results in or has the potential to cause injuries, detrimental effects on health, ailments or even fatalities. It also includes such events that could disturb the routine work of an organization or completion of an activity such as employee misbehavior, intellectual property theft, network intrusion or other kinds of security breaches.

IFF Lab’s services for Incident Response & Investigation

IFF Lab’s Services For Incident Response & Investigation

Incognito Forensic Foundation Lab (IFF Lab) provides assistance to corporations in investigations pertaining to petty and grave incidents occurring at workplaces, regardless of size or industry type. Our team uses its acumen and expertise in seeking, collecting, and gathering evidence of an occurrence with a steady response approach, while also preparing your enterprise for further incidents. We have proven our mettle in expediting incident investigation processes by our commitment to time and the use of judicious techniques.

“Over 4000 have died on the shop floor in India from 2010 to 2012”

“403,000 people die from work-related problems in India as per The International Labor Organization (ILO) statistics from 2003”

Why is incident investigation crucial?

Why is incident investigation crucial?

  • Examine the cause of incidents to mitigate the chances of future mishaps
  • Establish the cost of an incident
  • Fulfill legal requirements
  • Determine conformity with suitable regulations
  • To process compensation claims
Why is incident investigation crucial?

How we conduct incident investigation

  • Secure and preserve the incident scene
  • Interview the victim/injured worker
  • Interview witnesses
  • Gather photographic and/or video evidence
  • Analyze the data and identify root cause(s)
  • Determine corrective actions to avoid recurrence of similar incidents
  • Witness management which includes identifying and gathering witnesses, providing support, restricting interaction with others etc.