Where is Incognito Forensic Foundation (IFF Lab) based?

IFF Lab is a private forensic lab headquartered in Chennai, India and with a branch office in Bangalore, India that provides forensic analysis and investigation services all across India in order to help law enforcement agencies and individuals find the truth behind incidents.

What does IFF Lab do?

As a forensic science lab, IFF Lab offers services pertaining to mobile phone forensics, cyber forensics, cell site analysis & mapping, audio/ visual enhancements, questioned documents, incident investigations, corporate frauds, data theft, advance fee scams, online matrimonial frauds and many other intelligence-led investigations in order to reveal the truth behind illicit activities.

What are the other services offered by IFF Lab?

Apart from forensic services and solutions, they also offer cyber security analysis and assessment, IT support, training, consultation, homeland security and education related services too.

Are the reports given by IFF Lab acceptable in the Court of Law?

The reports generated by IFF Lab are completely valid in the Court of Law and are considered ‘expert opinions’ under Section 45 of the Indian Evidence Act. They have forensic experts who are skilled, certified and ready to act as a witness in the court of law.

What is the time taken for IFF Lab to generate the reports?

IFF Lab is committed to delivering speedy reports so that the investigation process is not compromised at any time. Although some complicated cases do call for a longer analysis, they usually furnish the reports within 5 working days.

Who constitutes the forensic team at IFF Forensic Lab?

IFF Lab consists of certified CHE (Certifies Ethical Hacker) & CHFI (Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator) professionals. It inducts forensic experts from premier Forensic Institutes of the country who are well-trained to handle a myriad of forensic investigation cases.

Does IFF Lab maintain the confidentiality of information?

All evidence and other critical data shared with IFF Lab or brought for forensic investigation, directly or indirectly, are kept highly confidential.

Who all comprise the client base of IFF Lab?

IFF Lab is a forensic laboratory that caters to law enforcement agencies, private investigators, individuals, corporates and the government. They have provides services to various state police departments, CBI, CID, NIA etc.

How can one contact IFF Lab?

If you need any assistance with the forensic examination or any of their other services, you can reach out to IFF Lab at info@ifflab.org, or give them a call on (+91) 44 42012144 (Chennai Office) or (+91) 80 46112400 (Bangalore Office).

Can IFF Lab be contacted only for grave crimes?

Be it a grave or a petty issue, IFF Lab caters to every kind of crisis of equal importance. They provide consultation, conduct investigation & forensic analysis, and also provide guidance on legal proceedings.

Does IFF Lab provide training?

Yes. IFF Lab believes in propagating their forensic know-how for the betterment of the society. They support law enforcement agencies, corporates, educational institutions, individuals and clients from all other walks of life in keeping abreast of the latest in technology, cybercrimes, and other criminal offenses. They work in close connection with law enforcement agencies and premier forensic institutions to provide customized, hands-on training on cybersecurity, digital forensics, and handling of investigations.

I need a consultation on a case of domestic violence. Can I approach IFF Lab?

Yes. IFF Lab helps corporates and individuals join the dots between the complex cyber world, rigorous investigation techniques, and perplexing legal tactics. They also provide consultation on personal cases such sexual offenses, domestic violence, harassment, stalking, community issues/violence, etc.

Why does India need a private forensic lab?

With the dearth of sufficient government and reputed private forensic labs in India, IFF Lab aims to relieve the existing forensic system and uncover the truth to address the requirements of law enforcement agencies, the government, corporates and individuals in a fast and efficient manner.

What is a Forensic Lab?

A Forensic Science Laboratory is where forensic scientists and experts from different specializations conduct forensic analysis and testing of evidence materials to determine all possible links between the crime and the suspects/victims. It offers services right from the crime scene to the Court of Law.

What is Digital Forensics?

Digital forensics is the process of recovering and interpreting electronic data (data found in digital devices). It basically involves collection, identification, and validation of electronic data with the goal of preserving the digital evidence in its original form while conducting investigations to uncover the truth. It covers cyber forensic, mobile device forensics, network forensics and database forensics.

What is the Digital Forensic Process?

The Digital Forensic process that is primarily used in cyber and mobile forensic investigations, consists of three steps: acquisition, analysis and reporting. After the seizure of digital evidence, an exact ‘forensic duplicate’ is created using a hard-drive duplicator or software imaging tools. The analysis stage involves the usage of forensic tools for recovery of obliterated or altered data (if any) followed by a careful evaluation for reconstruction of events and deduction of hypotheses. On completion of the investigation, a report that can be understood by non-technical persons is prepared.

Who can benefit from IFF Lab’s Digital Forensic Services?

IFF Lab’s skilled digital forensic professionals help in delivering reliable and cost-effective solutions and services to law enforcement agencies, tribunal judges, corporates as well as the common masses so that they can discover the truth behind incidents.

What does IFF Lab’s digital forensic expertise cover?

IFF Lab’s digital forensic expertise covers collection of digital evidence, crime scene investigation, Financial Crime Investigation, Cyber Crime Investigation, Computer and Mobile Phone Forensics, Video and Audio Forensics, Dark Net Monitoring and Tracking, Litigation support and witness services.

Can IFF Lab aid in recovering deleted data?

IFF Lab’s state-of-the-art forensic laboratory along with digital forensic experts enable them to recover damaged, deleted, or lost images and video files from a wide range of electronic storage devices like hard disks, pen drives, flash cards, CD/DVD and much more.

Does IFF Lab execute video/image enhancement & clarification?

Yes. IFF Lab carries out video/image enhancement & clarification as a part of their digital forensic investigation.

Does IFF Lab conduct forensic video analysis?

Yes. IFF Lab conducts video extraction for forensic examination, analysis, and courtroom testimony. They are able to extract and clarify video evidence from both digital and analog CCTV sources as well as from other types of video formats.

Does IFF Lab conduct audio analysis and transcription?

Yes. IFF Lab uses audio clarification processes to improve the quality of recorded information, for ease of understanding and transcription. They also execute audio transcription to convert audio files into PDF and text-based documents.

Why does an organization need information security?

Cybercrime is currently adjudged as the greatest threat to worldwide enterprises. Because much of an organization’s daily work revolves around digital data and exchange of thousands of emails, an organization’s business-critical data is quite vulnerable to attacks by malware, ransomware, viruses, trojans, and hackers.

What is cyber security?

Cybersecurity consists of technologies, practices, and processes that are designed to protect networks, computers, programs and data from attack, unauthorized access or damage. The elements of cybersecurity include application security, information security, network security, operational security and disaster recovery planning.

How can IFF Lab help an organization with its cyber security?

IFF Lab helps an organization identify potential cyber threats and provides services to strengthen their data security and mitigate cyber threats and crimes.

What is IFF Lab’s approach to ensuring cyber security?

IFF Lab executes a careful and methodological analysis of the activities of competitive organizations to identify potential threats. It then conducts an analysis of images, sound and other data to identify data leakage or other illegitimate actions. IFF Lab then provides an executive summary and report of their significant findings and security hardening measures available.

What are website security and application testing?

IFF Lab aids in assessing and testing an organization’s web applications to gauge the potential risks that such applications pose to an organization’s business-critical data and its internal websites.

What is the dark web/dark net?

The Dark Web or Darn Net is that part of the World Wide Web which can be accessed only using special software, allowing users and website operators to remain anonymous or practically untraceable.

Does IFF Lab provide dark web monitoring services?

Yes. IFF Lab uses data mining and reverses engineering techniques to monitor the content, data, and communication existing in the dark net.

What is domain name forensics and why is it needed?

“Domain name forensics involves a systematic approach to investigating an internet presence. At present, the process of inexpensively buying and hosting a domain has become really simple. Thus cyber criminals are increasingly using domain and IP addresses for malicious purposes. IFF Lab is a private forensic lab in Bangalore and Chennai that engages in domain name forensics to identify spoofed and malicious domains.”

Does IFF Lab provide incident response and data breach services?

Yes. IFF Lab provides incident response services for computer-based intrusions catering to a wide range of business segments. They support organizations on decision-making to manage the aftermath of an incident and also eliminate existing threats.

Can IFF investigate unethical hacking?

IFF Lab assists corporates, the government, and individuals in addressing unwanted cyber invasions and hacking incidents. They can handle cyber and phone hacks, website defacement, corporate network intrusions, stalking hacks and many more.

What constitutes an ‘incident’ in the workplace?

An incident at the workplace is any condition, situation, or event that occurs in a workplace that results in or has the potential to cause injuries, detrimental effects on health, ailments or even fatalities. It also includes any such event that has the potential to disturb the routine work of an organization or completion of an activity such as employee misbehavior, intellectual property theft, network intrusion or other kinds of the security breach.

What are 4 main types of hazards in the workplace?

Physical hazards – Slips, trips, working from heights, falls, exposure to loud noises, vibrations, and unguarded machinery

Chemical Hazards – Result from exposure to chemicals at workplaces such as cleaning solutions and solvents, vapors and fumes, carbon monoxide and any other gases

Biological Hazards – These occur when working with people, animals or infectious plant material. Examples include insect bites, bacteria, viruses, blood or other bodily fluids or animal care

Ergonomic Hazards – These result from the physical factors that can create strains on a worker’s body. This type of hazard is not easily identifiable. Some examples are awkward movements, poor lighting, repetitive motion and bad posture.

Why is incident investigation required?

Incident investigation is crucial to examine the root cause and the truth behind an incident which also helps in mitigating future mishaps. It helps in establishing the cost of the incident, fulfill legal requirements, determine adherence to regulatory standards and to process compensation claims.

What are the information to collect as a part of the incident investigation?

Worker characteristics such as age, gender, department, job title, experience level, tenure in company and job etc.; characteristics of equipment related to the incident (type, brand, condition, specific part involved size); characteristics of the task being performed when incident occurred; injury characteristics; time factors; supervision information and

Does IFF Lab conduct an incident investigation?

Yes. IFF Lab assists organizations with incident investigations by using their forensic acumen in seeking, gathering and analysis of evidence, followed by a comprehensive report.

How does IFF Lab conduct an incident investigation?

The basic steps involved include securing and preserving the incident scene, interviewing the victim/injured worker and witnesses, gather photographic and/or video evidence, analyze the data and identify the root cause.

What is a Financial Investigation?

A financial investigation is any investigation that involves a person’s financial matters. It also involves the investigation into the finances of a business or a private limited company.

What does a financial investigation determine?

A financial investigation can determine where does money comes from, and how it is moved and used.

What is Financial Forensics?

Financial Forensics is a branch of forensics that combines criminal investigation skills with financial auditing skills to ascertain illicit financial activities occurring within or outside an organization and to uncover the truth behind such incidents.

What are the applications of Financial Forensics?

Financial Forensics can be used to prevent, identify and recover activities associated with terrorism and other criminal deeds. It provides a valuable insight to private-sector and government organizations for assessing their vulnerability to fraudulent activities.

What is Forensic Audit?

The examination and evaluation of a firm’s or individual’s financial information for use as an evidence in the Court of Law is called a forensic audit.

What are the applications of Forensic Audit?

A forensic audit may enable the prosecution of a party for fraud, embezzlement or other financial claims. Additionally, such an audit may also be used to determine negligence or the amount an individual needs to pay for spousal or child support.

What puts corporate assets and wealth at risk?

“It could one or both of two possible scenarios.
1. In most cases, employees handling responsibilities involving purchasing, treasury, and supply chain and the management of books and records are engaged in money laundering and other illicit activities.
2. External factors such as data breach, under-reporting of loyalties etc.”

Does IFF Lab provide services for Financial Investigations?

Yes. IFF Lab provides financial investigation services catering to a wide range of cases such as shareholder and partner disputes, business interruption and property claims losses, mergers and acquisitions, frauds executed by employees, asset misappropriation, embezzlement, tax evasion etc.

What is a criminal investigation?

A criminal investigation is an applied science based on the study of facts that are used to identify, locate and prove the guilt of an accused criminal.

Can IFF Lab be approached for criminal investigations?

Yes. IFF Lab has worked closely with law enforcement agencies on the criminal investigation of various heinous and non-heinous crimes.

How does IFF Lab carry out the criminal investigation?

IFF Lab conducts criminal investigations through interrogations, crime scene photography, Criminal profiling, Facial recognition, Forensic and Clinical Assessment, Background checks and Document searches to discover the truth behind criminal events.

I am involved in a fraud, can IFF Lab help me?

Yes. IFF Lab has the forensic expertise to conduct surveillance, asset searches, background checks, employee investigations, and business investigations to investigate cases of fraud.

What are the different cases of fraud which IFF Lab can handle?

Some of them are fraud and forgery pertaining to property and insurance cases, questioned documents, ATM card skimming, card cloning etc.

What are the criminal investigations which IFF Lab can handle?

Some of them are molestation investigations, theft investigations, kidnapping investigations, murder/assault investigations and homicide investigations

What is Cyber Forensics?

Cyber Forensics involves the analysis of evidence found in computers and digital storage media like pen drives, hard disks etc. with the aim of identifying, preserving, recovering, analyzing, and presenting facts and opinions about the digital information.

What is the need for specialized cyber forensic experts?

The knowledge of computer hardware and software held by computer professionals/experts does not equate to the forensic skills and training required to collect or retrieve digital evidence in a way that it is not altered, lost or destroyed. Cyber Forensic experts have the specialized skill and training to systematically, safely and thoroughly examine computers or any kind of digital evidence.

Which are the sources of evidence for cyber and digital investigations?

Evidence for cyber and digital investigation includes all hardware and digital storage medium such as desktops, laptops, mobile phones, personal digital assistants, servers, CD/DVDs, floppy disks, tape media, zip drives, flash drives, external hard drives and camera cards, cell phone memory, SIM cards and all types of smart cards. It also includes electronic data such as e-mail, webmail (AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo), calendar files, contact files, spreadsheets, databases, documents, images, audio files, video files, digital faxes, computer applications, websites, spyware, and viruses.

Can SMS/WhatsApp messages be analyzed?

Yes. IFF Lab can use their state-of-the-art digital forensic tools to track SMS/WhatsApp messages.

Can data be recovered from deleted/altered files?

Yes. IFF Lab’s digital forensic experts can recover damaged, deleted, or lost images and video files from a wide range of electronic storage devices like hard disks, pen drives, flash cards, CD/DVD and much more, using their sophisticated digital forensic tools.

Does IFF Lab provide Call Data Record (CDR) Analysis?

Yes. Using a combination of sophisticated tools and forensic expertise, IFF Lab is adept at analyzing call data records (CDR) that can be retrieved from cellular service providers. This sometimes gives crucial leads to forensic experts in solving a multitude of crimes.

What are the cyber forensic investigation cases that IFF Lab can handle?

IFF Lab is adept at handling a number of forensic investigation cases such as internet defamation, fraudulent websites, identity theft, financial frauds, phishing, stalking, hacking, business espionage, data breach and computer intrusions, covert and illegal sale of products online, software piracy and much more.

Someone is stalking me online. Can I approach IFF Lab?

Yes. IFF Lab does investigate cases of cyber stalking.

I am involved in a credit card fraud. Can IFF Lab help me?

Yes. IFF Lab can investigate cases of credit/debit card frauds.

What are phishing/smishing and vishing with respect to credit/debit card frauds?

“Phishing is the method of leading an individual to divulge personal information by sending him an e-mail.
Smishing/SMS phishing is when a conman sends a text message to an individual’s mobile phone in order to achieve the aforesaid objective. Vishing is the telephone version of phishing wherein conmen fools individuals into revealing their personal information through a phone call.”

What are the different ways in which one is susceptible to a credit/debit card fraud?

One can be susceptible to a credit/debit card fraud through phishing, vishing, smishing, card skimming, pin capturing or keypad overlay on ATM machines.

What is a corporate fraud?

Corporate fraud is the deliberate fabrication of a company’s financial information or activities with the intention of misleading the public and grow the profits of the company.

I suspect a financial fraud in my company. Can I approach IFF Lab?

Yes. IFF Lab can handle a number of corporate frauds pertaining to finances, corruption, and theft of company’s assets.

What are the types of frauds that IFF Lab can investigate?

Account takeover, bankruptcy-related fraud, cheque fraud, cheque overpayment fraud, fake invoice scams, false accounting, government agency scams, insurance fraud, mortgage fraud, payment fraud, Ponzi Schemes, and share sale fraud are some common types.

What are the Acts that make it mandatory for companies to take preventive measures to avoid corporate frauds?

The Companies Act 2013 in India and the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act in the USA.

In India, what is the penalty for a person found guilty of corporate fraud under the Companies Act 2013?

1. Imprisonment [6 months to 10 years]
2. In cases where fraud involves public interest, term of imprisonment not to be less than 3 years
3. Fine: Not less than amount involved in the fraud and extending to three times the amount in certain cases

What is India’s rank among countries in bribery and corrupt practices in businesses?

India ranks 9 among a cohort of 41 countries in the use of corrupt business practices.

Why are data and information security required?

Corporates are increasingly adopting the culture of employee-owned devices, cloud-based tools, and employee-preferred applications into the business domain in order to enhance productivity and employee satisfaction, and reducing operational costs. This increases the chances of a corporate data breach.

What is BYOD?

BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device, COPE for Corporate Owned, Personally Enabled and CYOD for Choose Your Own Device. All of these means giving employees the choice to use their personal laptops and smartphones for corporate work.

What is the growth in ransomware attacks from 2015 to 2016?


How is business-critical data vulnerable to cyber attacks?

1. Inability to preserve and manage corporate content that is required for recording, regulatory compliance or knowledge management.
2. Inability to safeguard against malware invasion
3. Inability to duly scan inbound and outbound content for inappropriate language, sensitive content etc.

Does IFF Lab provide data protection and information security solutions?

Yes. IFF Lab provides solutions for an end-to-end Mobile Device Management and also for ensuring the cyber security of handheld devices such as tablets, mobile phones, and laptops. IFF Lab provides Mobility Security Management and network protection services.

What is Data Theft?

Any activity which involves stealing of computer-based information by unauthorized individuals with the purpose of obtaining confidential information or compromising privacy.

How can data theft affect my organization?

Data theft mainly occurs due to system failure and lost or stolen laptops or computers. In some cases, they could also be a result of a direct criminal activity which aims at an organization’s business-critical data.

Can a system failure make my organization vulnerable to data theft?

Yes, system failures that involve malfunctioning/breach of security systems of software applications and credit card processing systems, social engineering attacks and unapproved access to networks and other IT-related glitches could compromise the data security of your organization.

Can I approach IFF Lab for investigation a data theft?

IFF Lab has cyber and digital forensic experts who can gather digital evidence and analyze those using sophisticated tools to retrieve crucial information pertaining to a data theft.

Can data theft lead to identity theft?

Yes. The information stolen for computers and other digital devices may include confidential personal information such as bank account number, passwords, driver’s license, health insurance card and much more, that can be used by conmen to commit frauds. This is called identity theft.

What is Enterprise IT Management?

Enterprise IT Management involves creating and implementing strategies for managing the IT functions of an organization effectively in order to boost the organization’s business value.

Why does your enterprise need IT Management?

The IT landscape is forever changing. Under such circumstances, keeping pace with emerging technologies and focusing on the organization’s core products/service range indeed becomes a challenge. Thus, it is crucial to have a dedicated IT Management team to help take care of the IT requirements of an enterprise.

How can IFF Lab help with Enterprise IT Management?

IFF Lab’s Enterprise IT Management services enable a better governance and management of the IT services delivered to the business so that the organization can focus on their core service/products. IFF Lab brings about a strategic alignment between an enterprise’s IT requirements and business goals.

What are some of the services IFF Lab can provide as a part of Enterprise IT Management?

Some of the services are proactive IT monitoring, data center management, data center migration, infrastructure analysis, backup, and recovery.

Does IFF Lab also provide Application Management?

Yes. IFF Lab provides prudent management and maintenance of the applications that are the heart of an organization’s business operations. They provide complete assistance throughout the application development lifecycle, starting right from analyzing the requirements, to the design, testing, and installation of the application.

What are IFF Lab’s Data Center services?

IFF Lab provides consultation, installation, and maintenance of data centers for an organization.

What is Enterprise Personnel Management?

Personnel management is an administrative function of an organization that seeks to provide the personnel needed for various organizational functions and to manage the general employee-employer relationship. In other words, it is the planning, organizing, compensation, integration and maintenance of an enterprise’s personnel.

What are functions of Personnel Management?

The basic functions are: Manpower planning, recruitment, selection, and training and development.

What does IFF Lab have to provide for Enterprise Personnel Management?

IFF Lab provides services and solutions that help an organization take care of the entire personnel management chain, starting right from recruitment, assessments, training, analytics, reports and personal profile management.

What is IFF Lab’s Talent Management Suite?

IFF Lab’s Talent Management Suite can be used by employees and the employer to keep track of leave balances, holidays, referrals, pay slips, Form 16, appraisal forms, confirmation letters, and for storage of digital assets like experience letters, qualification certificates etc.

What is an Advance Fee Scam?

Advance Fee Scams also known as 419 Letters or Nigerian Scams occurs when a conman demands the payment of an amount in advance in return for a scholarship, college admission, job interview or any other gain.

What are the different ways in which students can be susceptible to an advance fee scam?

High school students are often soft targets for scammers. Students easily fall for offers of “free scholarships” which are independent of merit or any other criteria. Other common tactics are:

1) demanding an insurance fee for an interest-free and speedy educational loan, and

2) encouraging students to participate in free online seminars and then demanding a counseling fee to help them find an easy financial aid for higher education.

I am a job seeker and I recently received an invitation to attend an interview with a reputed firm. But it says that I need to deposit some amount in order to attend the interview. Could it be a spam?

Never respond to such invitations that ask you to make any payment for attending an interview. Remember that no company shall ever ask you to pay for a job! Such offers are definitely the work of fraudsters waiting to trap you in an advance fee scam.

I applied for a scholarship on the website of a trusted source. But it asked me to pay an amount in order to proceed with the application. Am I being cheated?

Remember that an authentic source will never ask you to pay for a scholarship. However, advance fee scammers have risen to the next level of fooling students and parents into paying an advance fee to avail of a scholarship/grant by creating look-alike websites. So, stay cautious.

I recently received a mail about a lottery that I have won. It asked me to transfer an insurance fee to the account mentioned in the mail. What should I do?

It is surely the work of an advance fee scammer. Do not respond to that mail and report it immediately.

How can IFF Lab help you in case you have encountered a similar case of fraud?

IFF Lab assists law enforcement agencies in nabbing the perpetrators by leveraging their core expertise of digital and cyber forensics. Their state-of-the-art forensic laboratory enables them to retrieve and analyze obliterated, damaged or modified data, and verify the authenticity of unsolicited emails.

What is meant by Learning Management?

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a software application that aids in the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of educational courses or training programs.

What are the types of training that is supported by LMS?

Though most LMSs focus on online learning delivery or self-paced learning (e-learning), they also support hybrid variants such as blended learning (self-paced + classroom) and flipped classrooms. It also supports virtual classrooms.

What does Learning Management Solution – IFF Lab have to offer?

IFF Lab’s Learning Management Solution helps provide a seamless administration management for educational institutions, along with an interactive learning environment for students.

What does IFF Lab’s Learning Management Solution contain?

It contains a diverse content repository and program library and enables schedule management, course and curriculum management, and generation of analytical reports. It also contains tools such as Augmented and Virtual Reality Solutions, Interactive 3D, games and simulators, and mobile learning.

Will it require a lot of training to learn the features of IFF Lab’s LMS Solutions?

No. IFF Lab’s LMS Solutions are very user-friendly. They are logically structured which makes them quite easy to master. Once deployed, IFF Lab provides proper training to ensure that users are well-acquainted with its features.

What are virtual classrooms?

Virtual classroom software is meant to provide on-the-go access from mobiles, laptops and other handheld devices, and promotes learning anytime and from anywhere. It helps registered users attend live online classes, access a repertoire of learning materials (slides, reports, case studies, videos etc.), track upcoming events of interest, and collaborate with peers and teachers.

How does IFF Lab provide a secured network for educational institutions?

IFF Lab provides a multi-level authentication 3 FACTOR authentication solution that allows educational institutions to completely control, and monitor their network while eliminating security threats to a great extent.

What is the need for examination management?

Educational Institutions all across the globe are striving to provide the best facilities to students. With the dynamic increase in the number of educational institutions and examination, the start-to-finish secure and flawless management of an exam has become challenging.

What are the major challenges faced by an educational institution?

Some of the major challenges faced by educational institutions at present are high student ingress, mishandling of records, manual processing of information, the absence of fast and easy verification, breach of confidential student details etc.

What are core examination management services provided by IFF Lab?

“IFF Lab’s examination services provide the necessary support to educational institutions for effective delivery of examinations which enables them to execute operations as per prescribed guidelines and standards.
The core exam services offered by IFF Lab are:
Online Registration: Exams Registration, Payment Gateway, SMS Gateway, Call Center Support etc.
Online Examination: Cloud-based application for conducting online examinations with PAN India test center network
Offline Examination: End-to-End Exam Management, Question Paper & Answer Sheets Printing, Results Processing, Logistics Management etc.”

What are the allied examination management services provided by IFF Lab?

“Digitization Services: Digitizing Student Records, Exam Records, and results etc.
CoE Automation: Exam application and workflow management, Electronic Question Paper Delivery, Online Examination and Invigilator Management etc.
Transcript Security: Multi-Level Security Features to secure transcripts, mark sheets etc.”

What are transcripts?

A transcript is generally the name given to a detailed record of an individual’s marks or grades generated by an educational institution. It is a document that is generated either on paper or online.

What are secure transcripts?

Secure transcripts are the ones which have such security features (physical and/or digital) which make it almost impossible for a perpetrator to duplicate it.

Why is transcript security essential?

Transcript security is essential to curb the circulation of fake certificates and licenses as such fraudulent activities are detrimental to the reputation of the institutions issuing it and also to potential candidates.

How does IFF Lab provide transcript security?

IFF Lab’s team of forensic experts closely monitor the entire path of a transcript, from origin to destination. They provide a comprehensive transcript security service, right from the design and manufacturing, to the installation and commissioning.

Does IFF Lab aid in the printing of secure transcripts?

Yes. IFF Lab’s Secure Transcripts solutions aid in creating transcripts with digital (QR Code) and physical security features (invisible ink, guilloche pattern, hologram etc.).

What is cyber forensics?

Cyber/Computer Forensics is a branch of digital forensic science which involves the use of scientific methods to collect, analyze, interpret, and preserve digital evidence. It aims to present facts, opinions and the actual truth behind cyber crimes or other illicit activities executed using computer systems, computer network, and mobile devices, which can be used in legal proceedings.

How does cyber forensics differ from data recovery?

A data recovery is just the process of retrieving deleted or obliterated data so that a user can access that data again. However, cyber forensics aims at determining and retrieving data which serves as an evidence to verify or deny a suspicion. Although data recovery is a part of cyber forensics, but the purpose here is to uncover the truth behind illicit activities.

What types of cyber forensic investigations can be undertaken by IFF Lab?

IFF Lab is adept at handling all computer-based cases of fraud or abuse such as sexual harassment, phishing, stalking, financial frauds, hacking, identity theft, intellectual property thefts, corporate thefts, trade and business secrets embezzlements, offensive, derogatory or ransom emails, and much more.

What are Social Networking crimes?

The widespread popularity of social media as a vital part of every individual’s life has made us more vulnerable to cyber crimes targeted at such platforms. Some naive people often end up providing their phone numbers and e-mail IDs on their social media profiles which are visible to all and can be used by cybercriminals in a detrimental way. Additionally, perpetrators also resort to social engineering to coerce victims into revealing confidential information.

What are mobile and SMS crimes?

Mobile crimes can include financial frauds, subscription frauds, mobile stalking, sexting, data thefts and online identity threats.

Can someone hack your phone camera?

Yes. Smartphone cameras can be used to spy on you or capture photos in a covert way if you are not careful. There are readily available Android Spyware apps that can take photos and videos even when the screen is off.

What should be the incident response to a cyber crime?

As soon as you realize that you are a victim of a cyber crime, lodge a complaint with the police cyber cell. In case of a mobile-based crime, ensure that you send a written complaint to the network provider also.

Can IFF Lab help investigate online defamation?

“Anyone can fall prey to online defamation through offensive posts, messages, videos, memes and the like. Cyber criminals can also disclose the victim’s personal information on various immoral websites. A con man can also hack into your personal accounts and digitally impersonate you.
IFF Lab has cyber forensic experts who are highly skilled to handle all kinds of cyber crimes including cyber defamation.”

I suspect that my child is being bullied online? Can IFF Lab help?

Yes. IFF Lab’s team of investigators, forensic analysts, and hacking professionals can help in the establishment of legitimate evidence that could be used to initiate a lawsuit.

Does IFF Lab handle cases of child/revenge pornography?

Yes. IFF Lab is adept at handling cases of child and revenge pornography.

I received an offensive e-mail. Can IFF Lab find out who sent the e-mail?

Yes. IFF Lab has suitable tools to track an anonymous e-mail and retrieve complete details such as the IP address, location and the detailed route of the mail.

I have a profile on an online matrimonial platform. How can I be susceptible to a fraud?

Be wary of people who ask you to send them money or other material assets. You should also refrain from sharing much about yourself or your family until you have actually met in person and have gained sufficient trust.

What steps should be taken to stay safe on online matrimonial and dating sites?

1. Do not ever respond to anyone’s demand for money.
2. Single mothers and divorcees should be particularly careful as they are soft targets being usually devoid of a guardian.
3. Do not share personal or family details until you have met in person and have conducted a background check.
4. Do not ever take any decision in haste. Give it some time before taking a final call.
5. Engage in conducting background checks through social media, visiting the place of stay, involving an investigating agency etc.

What are common signs to identify a suspicious profile?

The following signs may not necessarily belong to a fake/suspicious profile, but have been stated based on past reports:
1. Interest from an individual having a marked age difference
2. A profile that looks too perfect to be true
3. Inconsistent public profiles
4. Request for engaging in intimate activities online
5. Weird and suspicious links on public profiles”

A person I was communicating with on a matrimonial platform asked me to transfer money citing the illness of a family member. Should I help?

Never. You should never respond to any demands for money under any pretext.

Can IFF Lab investigate cases of matrimonial or dating scams?

Yes. IFF Lab has digital and cyber forensic experts are skilled at extracting the truth behind suspicious profiles and help you see justice in case you have been a victim of an online dating or matrimonial scam.

What is a ‘questioned document’?

A ‘questioned’ document is any signature, mark or handwritten, typewritten document whose source or authenticity is in dispute or is doubtful.

Can I approach IFF Lab for examination of documents?

IFF Lab has ‘Questioned Document’ experts who can examine and verify all types of handwriting, signatures and all printed/typed matter involving counterfeiting, obliterations, erasures etc. through careful visual examination and/or advanced chemical analysis of inks and paper in their state-of-the-art forensic laboratory.

What are the different types of forged/tampered documents which IFF Lab can examine?

Some of the documents and tools are Wills, Bank drafts, and cheques, agreements, rubber stamps, typewriters, photocopiers, fax machines, laser printers, laminated documents, photocopies, passports, stamp papers etc.

Can I bring a photocopied document for verification?

Although it is always better to provide originals for document examination/verification as photocopied documents have certain limitations, IFF Lab can examine clear photocopies in order to give opinions.

What is a ‘specimen signature’?

A ‘specimen signature’ is the signature of the specific person which is taken either in an open court or by forensic professionals in the presence of reputable independent witnesses for the purpose of forensic examination.

What are ‘standard writings/signatures’?

‘Standard writings/signatures’ are a collection of materials that are meant to give the forensic examiners an idea about the writing habits etc. of the person in question.

What documents can I submit as ‘standard writings/signatures’?

You can submit any document that bears the handwriting/signature of the person in question, such as receipts, wills, affidavits, academic notes, bank statements, court documents, letters etc.

What are the limitations of forensic document examination?

Some of the limitations are:
1. Insufficient quantity of questioned documents
2. Insufficient standard writings/signatures.
3. Distorted or disguised writing
4. Poor quality of the documents (multi-generation copies, cross-cut shredded or burned documents)
5. Non-original evidence”

How is a forensic document examiner different from a ‘graphologist’?

Unlike a graphologist, a forensic examiner’s purpose of examining handwritings/signatures is not to draw any conclusions about the personality or psychological characteristics of an individual. A forensic examiner analyses a document in question to verify or reject a suspicion about the authenticity of the document.

What is homeland security?

Homeland Security is a term used for the national endeavor to protect and guard the homeland against implicit and non-military threats. It is not limited to terrorist activities and includes any type of risks and issues that arise within the territory.

What solutions/services do IFF Lab provide for homeland security?

IFF Lab provides the forensic expertise to conduct investigations and provides services such as Global Fraud Investigation, Asset Search, Cyber Forensics, Digital Forensics, Anti-Bribery, and Corruption consulting etc. They also provide solutions for threat management, security design, security policy and procedure development, and crisis and emergency management.

Why is homeland security essential for airports?

Airports are the primary point of ingress/egress for human traffic in a country and witness a high volume of commutation. Transit facilities process immigration and emigration and require stringent security and utmost caution. Also, airplanes are susceptible to hijack attempts and other acts of terrorism, and hence need to be entrusted to facilities that have strict and rigid security arrangements.

Do ports also need to be secured?

Global trade relies on the shipping industry, and ports are the nodes for shipping routes. A country’s economy relies heavily on ports and such area handle a large number of raw materials and finished goods. It is imperative, therefore, to make these facilities impenetrable.

What security features can be installed in ports?

“Ports/Docks can be secured using CCTV camera networks, heat sensors in critical and access-restricted areas, motion-detectors installed around premises, and narrow AI capable of facial recognition. Also, entry and access of personnel can be limited by color-coded identity cards.
IFF Lab has successfully completed the homeland security of major docks in India.”

How does homeland security cover logistics?

“Sometimes confidential and sensitive materials (transcripts, for instance) need to be transported by road. In such circumstance, utmost care should be taken to ensure that they do not fall into the wrong hands, and reach the intended destination at the right time without any tampering. In order to achieve this, the entire logistics chain has to be secured through adequate mechanisms which include deploying adequate guard personnel and setting up rigid and timed protocols for handover and delivery.
IFF Lab is well-versed with providing logistics security to government organizations.”

Does IFF Lab provide services/tools for city surveillance?

Yes. City surveillance can be achieved by a network of Closed Circuit Television Cameras, GPS/NAVIC receivers, heat sensors (for vehicles and motion detection), and integrated Smart Policing.

What are Command & Control Centers? How do they help in homeland security?

Command & Control (C&C) Centers are real-time access centers operated by law enforcement agencies that provide an eagle-eye view of ongoing events in the city. This helps ground personnel to react quickly in the case of an untoward incident. Information from incidents, crises and/or disasters may be transmitted in real time to the higher officials, and decisions made by them can be relayed to responders in real-time.

What is Internet of Things (IoT)?

Internet of Things (IoT) represents a network of inter-connected devices which could be home appliances, vehicles or any other item that is embedded with sensors, actuators, and electronics or any other software that allows them to connect and constantly exchange data.

How can IoT be applied to the household?

Homes can be made “intelligent” by leveraging the latest in ICT and embedded systems. Interactive systems can provide for entertainment, ambient lighting, and home care. Intrusion in and around house limits can be monitored by installing Video Surveillance for the entire property.

How can IoT be applied to an enterprise?

In an enterprise, IoT can provide the benefits of visual and unified communication. For instance, the firm can use FTTO for video conferencing and collaboration. They can manage relationships with customers with interactive systems. For organizations operating across the globe, the smart technology could provide translation and localization assistance.

How can IoT be applied to a campus?

Some of the features of an IoT enriched campus are:
· Telepresence (for guest lectures)
· On-Demand & Remote Access (for learning content)
· Fiber To The Classroom (for accessing multimedia-rich content)
· Collaboration (appealing to research)
· Wayfinding, Information Kiosks & Self-Service Terminals
· Student Relationship Management
· Virtual Reality (more realistic learning)

How can IoT be applied to a hotel?

In hotels, IoT could be leveraged to control ambient lighting and air conditioning. Spas could be professionally stewarded by intelligent systems, while other smart systems could manage relationships with guests. Valets could be assisted by Parking Management Systems, while receptionists could make use of Number Plate Recognition systems, emergency response & evacuation protocols.

How can IoT be applied to a city?

IoT can be used to connect every nook and corner of a city using microwave and Sat links. IoT devices coupled with GPS/NAVIC receivers could be employed to sense and detect a number of parameters that in turn can be used for policy-making, governance, and/or policing. Smart solutions can also be used for Transportation Management, Logistics Management, Location-Based Services, Weather Information Management, Healthcare Information Management and much more.