FacEAI-PROis a high-performance, scalable, ready-to-deploy Facial Recognition & Analytics, Touch-less attendance, and access control solution offered by the incognito Forensic Foundation. TheFacEAI-PRO’sfacial recognition is powered by an artificial intelligence, deep learning and video analytics module. Its video feed is able to recognize faces with an accuracy of 99%.

The FacEAI-PRO system can track faces with an algorithm that is compatible with every IP camera, record entry and exit timings in real time with both indoor and outdoor environments. It counts the number of faces in real time, identifies age and gender from multiple feeds and generates alarms and reports in case of discrepancies.






Educational Institutions

Government Sector

Public transportation

Transportation Hubs


  • Face Detection
  • Face Tracking
  • Face Count
  • Face Frequency Detection
  • Watchlist Management
  • Blacklist Management
  • Report Generation
  • Alert Email
  • Instant Notification