The CoronaGladius is a next-generation pandemic-defence mechanism offered by the Incognito Forensic Foundation. It has been specially designed and rolled out to help organizations battle the spread of highly infectious diseases during pandemics.

Social Distance Monitoring

Mask Detection

Body Temperature Measurement

The solution works by assessing video feeds from multiple surveillance cameras and sounding an alarm if there are two or more people not adhering social distancing rules. Moreover, the CoronaGladius also measures body temperatures remotely to detect symptoms of fever, in addition to searching for and tracking individuals without masks automatically.

The video feeds are analyzed by our solution from the organization’s servers and do not require separate investment on server capacity.

The CoronaGladius is highly versatile and can be implemented at educational institutions, corporate offices, malls, stadiums, parks, government organizations, and transportation hubs. It ensures an environment free from viral contaminants and enables organizations to help in tackling pandemics.