Assessments enable students to demonstrate their understanding of the subject matter in a way that can be measured. This gives educators a critical tool to assess if educational goals and standards are being met. To make this process much easier, IFF Lab offers a variety of customized, end-to-end services to support all assessment infrastructure needs. From booking the exam centre to staffing it with skilled labour, IFF Lab’s wide range of services are designed to simplify both administering and taking assessments at any scale.

Exam Venue Infrastructure

Examinations need to be held in a secure environment for a hassle-free exam experience for both the test administrators and the test takers. IFF Lab’s user-friendly platform automatically allocates test centres based on the examination needs securely. We also assist our clients in procuring additional necessities, such as drinking water, at the exam centre.

Examination Audit

Our expertise in examination management makes us an ideal partner for all your examination audit needs for online, offline and OMR-based assessments. IFF Lab provides end-to-end assistance for exam registrations, admit cards, OMR printing and delivery, secure question paper management and post-exam support including secure logistics and publication of results.

Staffing Services

Running a smooth exam process requires skilled personnel who are specifically trained for the job. From test invigilators to security staff, IFF Lab provides manpower for all types of job roles involved in conducting examinations. Our large pool of human resources can assist educational institutions in deterring cheating, verifying identity.

Anti-cheating Security

Prevention of cheating is critical to maintaining exam integrity. IFF Lab provides a range of services to make sure that all tests are conducted fairly. We provide a trained frisking team, metal detectors, thermal guns, CCTV cameras, signal jammers, and video recording services to scan, detect and record any incidences of foul play.

Covid Precautions

Ensuring the safety of test-takers is one of our top priorities. Our examination management practices follow covid appropriate behaviours to ensure that students have peace of mind while writing the exam. Our test centres screen all candidates for temperature, follow social distancing guidelines, and provide amenities such as masks and hand sanitizers.

Making Examination Management Secure And Hassle-Free

Continuous technological disruptions have created the need for a new kind of examination experience. At IFF labs, we believe that our combination of latest technologies, trained staff, and attention to detail can help leading educational institutions provide a competent and secure testing environment for students writing high stake exams. Get in touch with us to find out more about how we can help educational institutions and test takers enjoy a more secure and undisturbed exam experience.