Staffing Services

Running a smooth exam process requires skilled personnel who are specifically trained for the job. From test invigilators to security staff, IFF Lab provides manpower for all types of job roles involved in conducting examinations. Our large pool of human resources can assist educational institutions in deterring cheating, verifying identity.

Anti-cheating Security

Prevention of cheating is critical to maintaining exam integrity. IFF Lab provides a range of services to make sure that all tests are conducted fairly. We provide a trained frisking team, metal detectors, thermal guns, CCTV cameras, signal jammers, and video recording services to scan, detect and record any incidences of foul play.

Covid Precautions

Ensuring the safety of test-takers is one of our top priorities. Our examination management practices follow covid appropriate behaviours to ensure that students have peace of mind while writing the exam. Our test centres screen all candidates for temperature, follow social distancing guidelines, and provide amenities such as masks and hand sanitizers.