ArjunaVision Peripheral Security and Analytics Solution

The ArjunaVision is a comprehensive state-of-the-art perimeter security system offered by the Incognito Forensic Foundation (IFF Lab). The solution is powered by artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms to provide next-generation security with little to no manual intervention necessary. The flagship subset of the ArjunaVision system is the avant-garde IntruSys solution.

Motion Estimation

The system acts as a highly reliable surveillance tool by filtering out natural movement like trees blowing, animal & bird movement, changes in lighting, and so forth. Such a system helps security personnel and administrators maximize their outreach while reducing the chances of false alarms.

Line Crossing

IFF Lab’s IntruSys enables security staff to designate zones as “no-entry” and sounds an alert immediately if there is movement in such restricted places. The solution leverages the latest in AI to allow security to draw lines that denote such zones. Moreover, surveillance teams can also define the direction of entry and exit to and from a specific place/room/gate and sound alarms if the rules are violated.

Loitering Detection

The IntruSys enables administrators to monitor if people remain in certain places longer than permitted. This feature offers another layer of advanced automated security to prevent unauthorized personnel from remaining in restricted areas after their clearance has expired. The solution enables security to maintain comprehensive monitoring with minimal human intervention.

Intrusion Detection

IFF Lab’s cutting-edge solution provides an automated perimeter monitoring and secure area protection system. It involves a highly sophisticated intrusion detection mechanism that senses any movement within areas designated as restricted. The solution then sounds an alert immediately, enabling security teams to mount a rapid response.

The Intrusys is highly effective for securing sensitive locations like government installations, military infrastructure, private property, corporate offices, and so forth.

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