Incognito Forensic Foundation’s ivmANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognitions) is a highly sophisticated video analytics module to recognize license plates. Our market-leading solution is capable of identifying plate numbers in all types of weather conditions and in vehicular speeds as high as 150 km/h.

The system is highly efficient and can detect letters and numbers in all fonts that are commonly used in license plates. Furthermore, the ivmANPR can be easily integrated with existing video surveillance systems and vehicle databases.


  • Educational Institutions
  • Private Property
  • Government Organizations
  • Military Installations
  • Private Organizations
  • Border Security
  • Traffic Police
  • Public places like malls, hotels, etc.

Features of the ivmANPR Solution:

Equipment Integration:

The ivmANPR can be easily integrated with external, third-party equipment like boom barriers, gates, as well as radar equipment.

Smart Search:

Capable of partial/full/random plate search against a watch list or database.

High-Speed Recognition:

The solution can recognize license plates of vehicles travelling as fast as 150 km/h.

Seamless Database Connectivity:

The solution can be connected to external databases without any need for upgrades.

Multi-Lane Detection:

The ivmANPR is able to detect license plates from India as well as most other countries.

Advanced Search:

Admins can search from among snapshots of recognized plates, video sequence, time, date, location, the direction of traffic, etc.

Watch List:

The ivmANPR allows admins to create customized watch lists for specific vehicles and set alarms for matches.